General Charter Information

Prior to arriving in Anacortes, Please review the information below. If you have any questions please call us at 1.360.927.5670

charter2Departure Day: Sailboat Check-Out

When you arrive on the day of your departure we will go over the yachts inventory and systems with you. This review will include a plethora of information including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, winches, kitchen inventory and floatation devices.

At SJSC our first priority is your safety. You will then need to become familiar and comfortable with all of the safety equipment on board. Before you leave on your vacation you will be fully prepared and totally comfortable with your vessel.

As the Captain of your vessel, you will be asked to pilot your yacht out of the slip into the Port of Anacortes. While doing so, your SJSC representative will discuss your vessels handling capabilities. You will then return the yacht to its slip, showing your representative your ability to dock the vessel.

At that time you will have an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your yacht and its capabilities.



We want to get your vacation started as soon as possible, so we ask that you not load your belongings onto the yacht until the checkout has been completed.

Once your Check-Out is complete and the paper works is finished, you and your crew can load your yacht and begin your journey into the stunning San Juan Islands.

Cruising Into Canada

There are specific customs and regulations which must be followed when traveling into international waters. A Passport or a copy of a Birth Certificate for minors is necessary for customs. If you are a resident from another country you will need to bring a current passport and/or visa.

Some restriction may apply if you are the charterer and of Canadian citizenship when reentering Canadian waters. It is important for you to know all customs and regulations before entering international waters. Visit Canada Border Service Agency.

Regarding re-entry into the US please visit US Customs & Border Protection.  



Linens and Towels

To keep costs down, SJSC does not provide linens or towels on any of their boats. You will need to bring aboard your own Linens, pillows, pillow cases, blankets and towels.

Pet Policy 

Sorry, no pets are allowed on any of our vessels.

Smoking Policy

Sorry, no smoking is allowed below decks on any of our vessels.

Fishing and Crabbing

For those of you interested in fishing and crabbing, you will need to acquire a resident or nonresident Washington State License. 


general lastTransportation and Local Accomodation

How to Get Here

Map and directions ( I need more here the map link for google and the actual name and address of where they are going)

Air Transportation

San Juan Airlines - 360-293-4691

Ground Transportation

Enterprise Car Rentals - 360-293-4325

Anacortes Airporter Shuttle Service
SeaTac Airport to Port of Anacortes
Toll free 800-423-4219

Early Sleep Aboard Option

The night before your charter we offer this service cost varies depending on the boat. Check in is a 6pm Friday.


Daily Insurance fee covers major hull and machinery damage aboard your charter vessel during your charter vacation. Details of insurance is covered in our Charter Contract Form.